International Scientific Conference „Contemporary Issues in Business, Management and Education“, International Scientific Conference „Contemporary Issues in Business, Management and Economics Engineering"

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Digital business and media platforms – enablers of manifold regional and global opportunities
Sigitas Brazinskas, Vida Pipirienė, Shukrullo Khayrzoda

Last modified: 2019-05-08


Purpose – digital platforms play a growing role in business development and create opportunities beyond earlier existed boundaries as countries, regions and industrial sectors. Industrial Internet concepts as a holistic application emerge, disruptive challenges trigger changes and evolution of existing business models. This paper unravels and analyses models and features of networks, market places, media platforms across various sectors along with arising opportunities.

Research methodology research is based on benchmarking across selected digital platforms and impact analysis according to defined criteria and selected business models.

Findings – results justify scientific approach and contribute with a benchmarked view across different sectoral platforms, assess opportunities of the emerging digital era. The evolution of business patterns and the impact on changing models are key findings of the paper.

Research limitations a certain number of platform models and their features are analyzed as well as impact, represented sectors are largely grouped.

Practical implications – results will have substantial practical application to business strategies adjustment, updated view on existing transformations across several business sectors and emerging business models.

Originality/Value – a united view is possessed on different platforms across regions and sectors, it combines several integrated angles towards digital development and provides with clear and applicable solutions.





business market place, media platform, networks, industrial internet of things, efficiency, digitalization, regionalization

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